Friday, 24 June 2011

viva españa...

Summer plans are in the bag!  So having studied Spanish at university and because I have a few weeks off over the Summer I am able to go travelling around old España. I'm doing 2 main trips as I have quite a busy Summer (it's wedding central this year!).

The first stop on my journey is Barcelona, my second home where I will be staying for a week. I describe it as my second home because I lived there for 9 months during the year abroad part of my degree. I really love BCN, or Barna as we dubbed it. Not only do you have all the benefits of being in Spain, namely: the culture, language, everything is pretty much cheaper and you have sun practically all year round, but also there are beaches and the nightlife is amazing. One of my best friends from my time there is coming with me for a reunion with some of the other people we met whilst out in Spain. This not only means free accommodation (yippie!) but also a chance for us to re-visit our old haunts. I haven't been back to Barcelona since leaving 3 years ago and am so excited to get that funny feeling back in my tummy and reminisce about all great times we had there.

Then after a brief spell in Blighty I'm back off to Spain in August but this time all by myself as I'm travelling solo around Andalucia which I have never visited before. I know that I will probably die from heatstroke as it averages 40 degrees in the South during the Summer months but this fact is not in the least destroying any smidgen of my excitement. After 5 days in Seville I am doing a whistle-stop tour by bus or train (I haven't yet decided) to Granada, Cordoba and concluding my 15 days in Malaga. I have to say as well as being thrilled about the prospect of visiting so many interesting places and soaking up lots of culture as well as Spanish speaking practice, I must confess I am a bit nervous about it all. I haven't ever really travelled by myself and although I moved to Spain by myself some years ago I hope that there are lots of lovely friendly people staying in the same hostels as me to have some good comprany on my travels!

So.... time for a new Summer wardrobe and I need to remember - no carbs before marbs! 

Hasta pronto!

EJ x

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