Saturday, 25 June 2011

polka dots...

So if you're like me and love polka dots then I'm sure you'll like these vintage inspired nails which are perfect for Summer now that it's actually sandal weather. This design works well with any two colours as long as they are very different shades (a dark for the base and light for the dots works best). I used Eyeko vintage polish for 'elegant nails' and a cheap white colour from a French Manicure set I've literally had for years. If you've not heard of Eyeko they are a really cool internet brand that sells lots of reasonably priced and good quality make-up. Eyeko means 'love' in Japanese and the company defines itself as "part Brit girl, part Tokyo cutie" and the packaging reflects this. You have to also try their lip pens which come in 3 different classic shades and are extremely long lasting. Ok so here's how to get the polka dot effect nails:

Step 1 - Paint your nails all over with your base colour and make sure to do 2 coats and to let both dry properly before moving on.

Step 2 - Get an old grip/bobby pin and dip the end in your dot colour. Make sure it is covered with enough polish but not too much otherwise it is prone to dripping and making a splodge instead of a dot. Now I know there are tools on the market especially for this job but personally I think it is a little wasteful to spend money on this when a pin does the job just as well!

Step 3 - Randomly dot the light colour on the nail. Make sure they are not too close together so you get a nice even effect.

Step 4 - Continue with all nails and wait to dry. I don't usually put a top coat on and it lasts a good few days before chipping. Hey presto - polka dot nails!

I hope you like these vintage nails!

Hasta pronto!

EJ x

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